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How to Use Inside Leg Kicks to Shift Your Stance

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In this Tip of the Week Striking Coach Vince Salvador goes over inside leg kicks, and how you can use them to shift your stance and set up other combinations in a Kickboxing, Muay Thai or MMA fight.


Coach Vince Salvador:
How’s it going? I’m coach Vince from The Arena. This is another striking tip. And we’re using kicking to setup this now, and we’re using it to set up angles by setting up the kick to the inside leg. When I first throw the kick, really important where I land, right? So if I start for my kick here and I land here, I’m in range for getting hit. Another thing that will happen there is if this is MMA, easy take down where my legs are so close to him and I don’t really have power to the inside leg. So if I’m using it to set something up, I’m going to watch my right leg drop to the corner here. So if I fire that inside leg, I step off line already. Now my right foot is already in kick position. So if I need to, I can just fire this again, right?


If I want to fire a hard shot to the body, I’m already there. But I’m going to use this to move instead, right? So I use my footwork to set up my positioning again, but now I’m doing it off a kick. So I’m setting it up with the right hand, I shift off line, now I’m southpaw. He comes forward, I’m in a different angle now. So I’m just using this to shift and I’m not going to wait for him or draw myself into any kind of battle. If I go here and I go backwards and shift, he’s already waiting for me. I want to go as fast as I can. So when I go to the inside, he moves forward right away. So when he feels that, he moves forward right away, I’m already in the angle, right? So in the kickboxing, I want this guy to come forward. I’m going to keep him at my range, and so I’m ready. When he comes down here, I’m having a better angle. Now I can hit him from southpaw using a different stance and a different attack. That’s your tip of the week.

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