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Inside Look at Coach Vince Salvador’s Kickboxing Class

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We pride ourselves on having the best coaching staff that is here specifically to teach you how to fight. Take an inside look at Coach Vince Salvador during one of his Kickboxing classes.


Coach Vince Salvador:
I’m shooting the jab at his face. I see the parries a lot there. I’ll start mixing in things, frame across. Look, my foot work. Now I’m here, same combination: body, head, and cross. Don’t move until you’re done punching. All right, once I get here, here, then I can move.

His time to strike is gone now that I’m here, all right?

So, you can come all the way across. If I know this guy has a big right hand, he can’t do anything. He can’t even throw it from here. So, same thing: jab here, I’ll wait for the parry, he starts to parry. Now look, I step across. Body, up, and across, all right?

All I’m doing now is when I throw my two, I’m going to set it up by throwing the one-two, and I’m going to step out. I’m going to throw the one, then I’m going to bring my shoulder forward without throwing the two. But now I bring my shoulder forward, I look down at the body. His body comes down, and I go right to the head. I didn’t mean to hit him, but his hand was…

You put your hands up.

So, the way you can set up… So, throw the low kick. I check it. Now do the same thing: shoulder feint, go to the body. Now look, bam, my leg comes back down. Then you chop the leg. Do it.

But a lot of times when I move my head, they’ll throw a punch because I’m turning my head over with my punches and my head and my arms move together like a… If my weight’s this way, this is punching. If my head’s this way, I can punch, but it’s not limited to that. You see what I’m saying?

Now, my head’s always moving, so there’s built-in defense. I’m not just here waiting for the shots. Block, block, block, right? I’m going to make the target hard. So, when you’re doing it, mix in the movement, mix in the feints, the level changes, and start trying to build the setup from there, all right?

Go grab your partner. Finish off with that. Guys, let’s build the setup with the feints. Use the frames.

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