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Learn to Steal Punches in Kickboxing

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Stealing punches means to throw punches while moving, rather than moving first and then throwing a punch. In this video Coach Vince Salvador teaches how you can apply this concept to your Kickboxing game.


Coach Vince Salvador:
I’m coach Vince at The Arena, and this is your kickboxing tip of the week. So when I’m stealing a punch, what I mean by that is I’m going to punch while I’m in movement, so I don’t have to waste anymore movements, or use any other body parts to score while I’m coming across the center line here. So usually when I do this, I’m throwing the hook, rolling off of my hook, stepping off the center line, and stealing that punch as I come across the center line. What I mean by that is when I’m throwing my hook and I step, I’m going to punch as I come across so that I’m not wasting that movement, and just coming across without something. And a lot of times it’s good for me to throw it down the middle, because it will bring his attention down here, and open me up for the body on this side, right? So all I’m doing is, as I move across that center line, I’m punching, so that I get to the other side with punches. Sets me up for the kick, puts me in a good angle. All right, one more time. I’m inside. I use the hook to set it up. Sometimes they’ll counter with the overhand or something. Come underneath it. I steal the punch by rolling through the body, head, chop the low key. That’s how you steal a punch.

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