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How to Properly Catch a Kick and Counter Attack

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Catching a kick the wrong way will not only hurt, but could end your fight a lot quicker than you planned on. In this Tip of the Week, Coach Vince Salvador shows how to properly catch a kick, and how to counter attack, whether the fight is MMA, Kickboxing or Muay Thai.


Coach Vince Salvador:
How’s it going? I’m Coach Vince and this is your Muay Thai tip of the week. Usually when you’re catching a kick, what you don’t want to do is open up and try to catch like this. It works in the movies, but in a fight you’ll probably break a rib. Also, it’s easy for him to pull out from this position, and I can’t really hold that, right? So I want to, first things first is keeping my elbow tight so when he does kick, I can either cover over the top. If I want to catch, I’ll step and come underneath. So even if he kicks hard, I’m here. Now all I do from this position is I’m going to hollow my body out and clear the leg to this side. In kickboxing I could drop it, punch him. Muay Thai, I can use it for other things like sweeps. MMA, takedowns. It’s a good way to catch someone off guard and take them down from their kick.

So we’ll do the first one as an MMA one. He throws a kick and I catch underneath. I can bring that across, easy take down. All right. Next one, we’ll do more of a of a kickboxing option. Same thing, I can come over the top counter with my punches or pull here and then punch. All right. Muay Thai option the sweep. I’ll catch the same way, clear from here, drop. Get some points from the sweep, right? So a little more, a little quicker catch here and sweep. That’s your tip of the week.

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