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Switching, Shifting and Creating Angles for Striking in Kickboxing

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Coach Vince teaching angles for striking that is applicable across all forms of combat sports. The level of instruction and deep understanding of combat sports is what sets The Arena apart. There are plenty of pad holders, but being able to teach seamlessly from kickboxing range, to clinch fighting, to takedown, to ground dominance…that’s what real MMA coaches can do.


Coach Vince Salvador:
I’m going to just use my defense now, right. To get to pass them. So when he jabs me, I want to keep this hand up. Don’t do this… Because if he throws a spinning back fist, you go to sleep? Right. But I want to step into this same idea. But when I get around him, look, I want to stay behind him. Look how I switch my feet. I’m here.

I go to here, he backs up. I go to here. So I have the body shot. So if I go to here and he backs up, look… Now he bites down. Same setup, so it looks the same. And all I’m doing is this, my foot comes forward, shift with the punch. So think of it in a triangle here, there, like a… What do you call that? A zig-zag pattern almost. 

Sometimes I don’t even throw this… That first punch. He jabs long, he steps back… I just shift. All I do is step, step. If I want to put a thing in between it, I can go by here too. Over, under, straight. All three can go off that.

So when I go through it, right, I’ll do it for you guys, south paw. I shift and I go, hook, hook… Now I’m on this corner, when I shift, hook, hook, cross.

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