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Using Feints and Level Changes to Land Punches in Kickboxing

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Here Coach Vince teaches his Kickboxing class how to use feints and changing levels of your punches to create responses from your opponent, as well as create openings to shift. We pride ourselves on providing a higher level of instruction than most places. Come in and find out why our members stay with us so long.


Coach Vince Salvador:

If I start turning my shoulder, his hands will come up. You can use this in boxing, use it in MMA, kickboxing, whatever, because he has to respect my shoulder feint, because a lot of things can come from here. I can go here, and go here, go here. A lot of different things. If my body turns, it’s hard for him to see it. But if I just go, he’s going to throw the hardest overhand of his life, and I’m going to probably fly backwards. But if I can use this… Look what his body does when I do this? He compresses. That’s how that works. Again, down, one, shoulder feint, one, shoulder feint. Now, that everything was coming out of the middle, his hands come to the middle. I go around the gloves.

See, this is where I need to wedge myself. Look. If I’m punching when I’m moving here. Watch. Even if he throws the right hand, look. I want to be right here. Now, I can throw the hook and everything else. That shoulder line sells a lot, because, look, if I do this… Throw the right hand. Look, I can move. He didn’t even see me switch my feet. All from the upper body motion. Also, this is one I throw a lot. Look, throw the cross. My body’s switching, but it’s all from this shoulder line. Look. A little more advanced movement for you guys off the shoulder feint. One, two. Same shoulder feint now. Look. Here, now, he thinks everything’s down the middle, because I threw the one, two.

So, block down the middle, block down the middle. Look. Now, I go one, shoulder feint, I’ll come around. Watch my foot. Watch my foot again. Two, shoulder feint. Good. Watch your shoulder. And I’m already set up for the kick, look. Try it out. Down the middle. Yeah. Shoulder feint. You can land this all day. If this guy starts doing this… You know what I’m saying? If his hands come down, especially if he thinks you’re going to shoot. All right. So, If you go two first to the body, and now you shoot. Now, the second time he comes around, I don’t know what the fuck’s coming. It could be a body shot or a shot. Now, I go here.

Michael Chandler, a lot of guys are using this shifting, the steps to that right foot, right foot to the outside. But that’s just a simple way to set it up. Get to that level change through the body. Because, look, even if I do this… Yeah. Now. Yup. Good angles.

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