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Using Hand Feints to Set Up Targets for Hard Kicks

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Coach Chuck shows some hand feints to break the rhythm of combinations and open up spots to land hard kicks at the ends of your punches, and also minimize the chance of being countered. Apply these concepts to your Kickboxing and MMA arsenals.


Coach Charles Martinez:
So I feint the jab, I show the two, my body’s already angling. I’m trailing the same side head kick behind the two, because a lot of times the reaction you get from the two is this, right? That’s the area I’m trying to kick in. So I show the jab, I show the two, and then I trail the kick right behind my two.

I’m throwing the two directly at their face, but the upper part of my body’s leaning as I throw the two. So I have this opening over my hips to kick over with. I can’t go feint, two, kick. Doesn’t make any sense. It’s stupid. Right? I show the jab. I throw the two, my body’s leaning, and I kick right behind my glove.

So I feint the jab to his eye, so that by time it leaves his eyes, the other punch should be there already. If I just go … Like this is, it’s still a feint, but it’s a misdirection. I want him to look at this so I can land here. Right now I’m just feinting just above his eyes, so I can touch here, so I can touch here. So point it at him so all he sees is glove, and when the glove leaves, the other punch is there already.

A lot of times I know that they’re going to chase me this way, so the kick should be draping in behind me. I don’t want to go hup, hup, hup, and then just be right here for the counter. Hup, hup, hup. What happens is you’re so worried about the angle of the kick that you just start going … and launching it, which is just the head kick, but it’s none of the feint, none of the setup. So show this, you get him to react to this, your hip’s leaning, and then kick over it.

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