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Using Pendulums and Pivots to Create Better Striking Angles in Kickboxing

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The details and strategy are what sets apart levels of instruction. Not every technique is for everyone or useful against every opponent. Teaching concepts and strategy during class will not only teach the students a series of techniques but the thought process to build a deeper understanding. Here Coach Chuck teaches some kickboxing techniques to obtain superior angles of attack, while minimizing openings to be countered.


Coach Charles Martinez:
So the pendulum creates the space I retract. See, I threw the hook, my body’s here. If I step too far past him, I can’t throw the second hook, right? So from the time that I hit the pendulum and step back, I show the right hand, I turn my knuckles over. Hook to the body, hook to the head again. All right. Let’s go.


Right, so the right hand got you through, right?


Big hard body shot. Hit at the rear foot as you throw that second hook.


Puts you all the way out or you could bump step. So you can get from here to here to here, and just slightly pivot.

After I got you here, I don’t want to go… and end up on the end of this punch.


Right? So from the time that I go here, boom boom boom, boom boom.

You could pendulum out, I just don’t want you to step and leave yourself right here. Because sometimes you throw this jab inside and then you just step back and you’re right here and you’re within range. So if you pendulum out and then you take a step, I chase, you’re outside my leg and you’re over there. Right? Because I’m chasing the direction you’re going.

Right, so throw the two. Pendulum left foot to right foot.


So the pendulum creates the angle.


Yeah, so you did the initial pendulum. Go back.


Go back. So the initial pendulum was in pretty much a straight line.


This one creates more of a crescent than an actual… And now you’re 90 degrees up, yeah. Yeah.

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