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Varying Angles of Attack for MMA and Kickboxing

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Here Coach Chuck shows some simple angles from footwork. These options vary from sport to sport and our coaches are well versed in the differences of Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and MMA. Knowing the options for each sport are critical. Angles of attack are important in all types of battles. Superior angles set people up for success.


Coach Charles Martinez:
I throw the jab, I throw the reset. As he advances, I step, circle. My lead foot should be pointing outside of his feet, but I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to go… Because now his line beats my line. All right, so from the jab, pendulum, retraction, my lead foot’s pointing outside. I can just sit here and start throwing. If my foot faces the wrong angle, my hips face the wrong angle, he just has to open his foot slightly and he’s winning the line.

All right? So you jab inside, step, pivot… See how his lead foot’s pointing outside my lead foot? Everything’s lined up for him to throw. The only thing I can do is spin. That’s the only option I have. Let’s go.

You could even carry that post into the collar tie. Right? So if I get to here and I go here, I can start to collar tie here. I can even start… Sometimes I can get to here and swim, and now I’m locked up. Right? All because I was outside the hand… If I was really tight here, he could elbow me. Right? But here, even if he tries, it creates this pummel.

The knee is there, elbows are there, especially from that step through the right hand.

Yeah, if you just frame the head, elbow is there, then you can start trying to eliminate the arm, but that’s just from keeping the head off.

Jab, inside leg, kick, retract, right hand. I step, my foot is just outside of his foot. I don’t grab plump. I don’t grab the head. If I grab the head, it tells him to clinch. But he just defended the right hand, I slot machine, and then from there, there’s a million options. But the big thing is I get that first knee. All right? I throw the right hand, I step, I’m just outside his foot, my hips are lined up, my hand goes to the top of the head, other hand comes in, slot machine, and I’m off.

The right hand is defended… So right hand, slot machine, then I get all those same pummels, all those same options. And if I need to, I just pivot off that foot because my foot’s already outside of his foot. So if all I get is the knee and pivot, then I can just stay softball too.

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