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Baret Yoshida Coaching and Cursing

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Coach Baret Yoshida has a very unique style of teaching, and it often involves a lot of F bombs. Here’s a little sample of him training the MMA fight team. Check it out.


Coach Baret Yoshida:
Light contact to the head. You can put a little bit on the body, just hands. I don’t want guys running with the knees right now. The other guys is going to try to keep him away primarily. But I don’t want you to just run in here like a (beep) (beep). I want you to punch your way in.


Let it happen organically. When he’s close, boom, then grab him. Let it happen organically. Yeah. Yeah, there you go, there you go. Nice. Hey, good job. Good work, good work. Keep your (beep) hand up in case that overhand and he’s going to (beep) bomb on you. Oh, (beep). Oh, (beep) A! Good job. Good work. Good work, men.


Get the mount, get the mount, and (beep) make him pay for all that (beep), Chris? Nice. Nice, Chris. Oh, (beep)! There it is, look. There’s that mouth he was talking about. Oh, no. Oh (beep).


He’s kind of doing it, you know what I mean?


He’s getting a small shot. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.


Yeah, and then when Steph tries to push him, now he comes in for his pass.


Yeah. Oh, what is that?

Oh that electric (beep).


Coach Joe Vargas:


Coach Baret Yoshida:
Oh (beep). Nice.


Coach Joe Vargas:
Look at this, dawg. No, it won’t… Unless I put them on you. Want to try?


Coach Baret Yoshida:
No. I’m good, man.

Get the mount, get the mount. (beep) deep, man. That (beep) (beep) deep. Yup. That’ll work, that’ll work. Alright, good job. You fought it off well but that was (beep) deep as (beep). Yeah. Yeah.


Come on, Chris, you better make some space, man. Get your (beep) feet. Get your (beep) feet. Nice, nice. Shake him off, Chris.

Time. Good job. Good work.

Oh, shit. There’s that Kimura, man. Hold that. Nice. That’s it. Squeeze. Drive into him, Alby. Drive into him. Elevate the leg, Alby. Set up. Oh, good job, Chris.

Drive in. Drive in as much as you can! Oh, hey, that was good thinking. That was good thinking. That saved your life. Oh, (beep). Good job. Good work.

Holy (beep)! Nice. Oh, (beep). This is a good round. Oh, (beep)! Oh, (beep). Oh, that was sick! Good recovery there. Holy (beep). This is the match to watch here. Time. Get a new partner. Get a new partner. That was a good round, man. That was crazy.

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