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Bobby Winther Prepares for 2nd Amateur MMA Fight

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Newest Arena MMA team member Bobby Winther looks to advance his amateur record to 2-0 tonight at Epic Fighting. Bobby has been training hard and has really proven himself to be a valuable part of the team since joining The Arena!


Bobby Winther:
I’m Bobby Winther. I am The Ghost. My martial arts background started when I was 14 when my uncle got me into Jiu Jitsu. So I’ve been trading jujutsu for about 11 years now. I recently picked up striking about two years ago, then I started getting into MMA about last year. This is my second fight that I’m getting ready for, and I’m really excited for it.

I’m currently active duty in the US Navy. I joined when I was 17 and had been competing in training martial arts the entire time I’ve been in there. The way I got hooked up with The Arena is I actually did a course through the military that The Arena was hosting and I came to their gym a few times. Once I moved out to San Diego, I knew that this was a spot for me. I knew the coaching was great. The MMA program that they have was the best in Southern California, so this was a no-brainer coming here.

Chuck and Vince have been absolutely wonderful, man. I was not necessarily a good striker when I showed up, so everything that they’ve taught me within the kickboxing classes and how to mesh it into my grappling has been wonderful. I couldn’t ask for better coaches. The goal for me is to get into the UFC. It’s always been that dream for me. My first opportunity to actually see that that was going to be obtainable was my last fight for Epic. It went pretty well for me. I took him to the cage, lifted him, ground and pound him for a little bit until he gave me his back and then gave him a rear naked choke and at the fight in about 40 seconds.

This Friday, I’ll be fighting at Epic 47. After this fight, I’ve got to keep racking up all the amateur fights I can get. We’re looking for the Epic title, after that, obviously moving into the pros and get onto the nice pro card and keep building a record there and then hopefully, we get into the UFC soon. It’s going to happen, it’s just a matter of when. I’ve got a great team behind me to help me get me there and it’s definitely going to happen.

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