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Brian Ortega VS Korean Zombie UFC Fight Breakdown

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Here we have MMA Coaches Charles Martinez and Vince Salvador breaking down the subtle details from the main event of the UFC this weekend where Brian Ortega defeated Korean Zombie. Enjoy watching through the eyes of the coaches and seeing the intricacies that win fights.


Charles Martinez:
Hey, what’s up? This is Coach Chuck, Coach Vince, from The Arena. Today, we’re going to discuss the main event in the UFC this weekend, and how Brian Ortega changed his game up just masterfully to win the striking battle, and use the threat of the takedown, and win a lot of simple battles to basically outstrike the striker.

Vince Salvador:
As we know, when we have a mixed lead situation my best option is to be on the outside of the foot, so if you noticed in the fight Brian never let The Zombie get outside of his foot, and when he did he hit him with the stuff on the inside with his hands to get to the outside, so he maintained foot position the whole fight, and that ultimately changed a lot for what offense The Zombie could have.

So also on that, one of the other little battles that Ortega was really good with was the hand fighting positions, either when he was on the outside of the hand he attacked over the hand, when he was on the inside he would attack on the inside, or he would lead him one direction, but with the hand on the outside, come back, and chop him on the outside, so he’s leading him into shots by getting him too fixated on all the hand fighting.

Charles Martinez:
And then, at some point, I think in round two he just enters with a single, and that’s when things started to fall apart. Korean Zombie couldn’t get off at that point. So we’re here, we’re playing this game, I’m touching outside. Immediately, he was coming back into the body. That’s actually how he cut him. The cut was a headbutt. The cut was playing this lead hand game, playing this lead hand game, and coming up trying to seatbelt and get his head positioned.

Once he started doing that every time they were striking he was able to shut him down by either touching here, or touching here, and every time he did that Korean Zombie had to pull him, and wasn’t able to pull the trigger, so those little battles of foot position, hand position, inside or outside, and then cutting off so he was never able to start, that’s what gave him the ability to use the takedown, fakes, and takedown entries to win the striking battle.

So, we just wanted to break that down today just because it was over the weekend, and that’s the kind of stuff that we watch. That’s the kind of stuff we talk about with the fight team. Everyone can watch the fight, and basically see what’s happening, but when you see the layers of setups, it’s not happening by chance. You know what’s coming next if you know what they’re doing. It was just a brilliant performance.

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