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Chris Leben 5 Minute MMA Drill Workout

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MMA Coach Chris Leben has a good workout you can do at home to stay sharp when you can’t train. He’ll do a minute of shadowboxing and then get some other movement exercises in before going back to shadowboxing. You can do this for as long as you like.


Coach Chris Leben:
Morning to everybody. Chris Leben, one of the coaches here at The Arena, and this is one of the home workouts I’ve been doing. I usually just set the timer for five minutes, shadow box for a minute, then I hit 10 burpees. Shadow box for a minute, and then I work my sit ups. Shadow box for a minute, then I work my stand-ups. Hand fight, turn, cut, turn back in. Shadow box for a minute, then I’m level changing for my shots. Shadow box for a minute. Last one, sprawls. Shadow box, sprawls. That’s a five minute round. I do three of those to get myself warmed up.