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Chris Leben Shows a Simple Jab Footwork Drill to Do At Home

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In this video UFC Veteran and The Arena MMA Coach Chris Leben teaches some simple footwork you can use while throwing your jab. This movement applies to MMA, Boxing and Kickboxing.


Coach Chris Leben:
What up guys, Chris Leben here and we just want to show you guys some drills that you can do at home to keep your MMA game up to speed. Going over some drills that you can do at home to keep your game on point during this troubling time. Right here, I have a rope ladder. If you don’t have a rope ladder, I commonly do this with duct tape or chalk. Just mark out the boxes, get my fight stance. I’m going to work on stepping in, stepping out with my jab. Boom, boom, boom.

So as I step in, I drive up that back foot, chin hits the chest, shoulder hits the chin, arm comes straight out. Just work on that jab. Work on that jab, I’m going to go all the way down then I’m going to bring it all the way back. Just make sure those hands are nice and high. Great, great workout for the quads, for the legs and again with that focus on technique, something you can do at home all by yourself.

Here’s another very simple drill you can do for a rhythm, timing, range and of course leg stamina. Just going to work my jab, fade, cross. Jab, fade, cross. Next box. Jab, fade, cross. Jab, fade, cross. Jab, fade, cross. And as I go, both feet are moving together. Hands are nice and high. I’m on the balls of my feet, my feet are shoulder width apart. Boom. And I’ll try to do that for two to three minutes straight. I’m telling you, if you can make it three minutes with that drill, it’s a pretty solid workout.

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