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Chris Leben Shows How to Pin Your Opponent Against the Cage

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In this Tip of the Week, UFC Veteran and MMA Coach Chris Leben shows the what to do and not to do when trying to pin your opponent against the cage. He learned this lesson the hard way!


Coach Chris Leben:
What’s up. This is Chris Leben, MMA coach at the arena, and here’s your tip of the week.

A lot of guys like to hold at the wrist when they’re pinning a guy against the cage. Terrible mistake because it’s easy for me to rotate inside, and bang, there’s my big elbow. I made that mistake against Kenny Florian and it costs me the fight. Better option, he goes to my bicep here, he’s got his elbow pinned in. Now I’ve got no elbow, no way to rotate my hand in sight.

Chris Leben and there’s your tip of the week.

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