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Chris Leben Shows How to Takedown Your Opponent Against the Cage

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In this tip of the week, UFC Veteran and MMA Coach Chris Leben shows an extremely effective old school way to takedown your opponent against the cage, and position him for a solid beatdown.


Coach Chris Leben:
Hey, what’s up everybody? This is Harris, he’s one of our competitors on our fight team. My name’s Chris Leben, I’m one of the coaches here at The Arena and this is your tip of the week.

So what we’re going to go over here is a very basic take down to a beat down position. One of my favorites, old school. This move has always worked and it will always continue to work. If you’ve ever watched Khabib, this is one of his go tos on the cage. Very simple. My head goes in the jaw. I control the bicep with my under hook. I’m going to use my head to drive him up, give him something to think about. That gives me my level change. I pin the hips. Now I’m going to use the bounce in the cage to bounce, that makes the legs light, as I slip him back he goes down.

Now as he lands, if he’s got any game at all, his first reaction is going to be to scoot his hips back to the cage. He’s got to post that hand on the mat to do it. I’m going to go ahead and trap that hand. I’m going to angle my body a little bit and drive across. If you notice my fist is going in front of his arm into the mat. My head comes around and goes all the way to the cage. I walk my hips around here and now even though my weight isn’t on him, with his both arms stuck behind his back, it takes zero power for me to keep him here and land devastating shots.

So it’s an oldie but goodie, cage work 101 right there. Trap the arms, beat him down. One more time. Bicep under hook, drive him up, level change, bounce pop, control the hips, suck them back a little bit. Trap the arm, drive across. Fist goes in front. Now this is important, here I need to get my head to the cage so he can’t get that arm around. Now that I’m here, he’s stuck and I can just go ahead and fire away. Now this fight is all but pow at that point. So Harris, Chris Leben, and that’s your tip of the week.

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