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Chris Leben Teaches MMA Technical Stand-Up Drill

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Here’s a great drill you can do at home to practice standing up while protecting yourself from any attack of your opponent. MMA Coach Chris Leben walks you through some simple steps.


Coach Chris Leben:
What up, guys? Chris Leben here, and we just want to show you guys some drills that you can do at home to keep your MMA game up to speed. Here’s a real simple drill I like to work at home while I’m watching The Simpsons just to save standup as it pertains to MMA.

I’m going to imagine my opponent’s in front of me, and I’m following them. If he goes to my right, my right leg comes out to kick in post here. Goes to my left, my left leg comes out. If he starts to move towards me, I can scoot back. I’m just getting used to tracking him, and then when I feel like I want to get up, I’m going to switch. Hips come up off the mat. My foot’s nice and close to my butt. I’m going to kick. The bottom leg comes all the way out, and I back way with my hands up.

I can practice that on both sides. You can practice tracking, tracking, kick, back up, tracking, tracking, kick, back up. Make sure when you’re here, this foot’s close, and the shoulder’s nice, and I’m hiding my chin behind my shoulder just in case he tries to punch or kick me in the head. So as I come up and I’m backing away, I’m taking away that space. Nice big extension when you come up. So you come up, you’re on your feet, and you’re safe.

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