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Enson Inoue Shows a Painful Way to Finish an Armbar

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During his recent seminar here at The Arena, MMA Legend Enson Inoue taught a very painful way to break through your opponent’s armbar defense and finish the fight. Check it out, but remember to be kind to your training partners.


Enson Inoue:
If you’re going for armbar here, there’s all kinds of ways you can leverage with that. You can kick in with that. You can reach over and pull over that side. What I found good is when they hold it, I’d like to get in here and I always like to put this hand in. The reason being, I can strike with this hand and it’s way more damaging than striking this side. So I always have a habit of coming in this way. The next thing I do is here and here. So just like I’m choking his hand. Okay, from here, see how my elbows are open? I’m using the power of my arms. So what I like to do here is I like to sit up on the arm, sit tight, and just use my hips. It hurts like shit.


When I started doing this, I started asking… I had Sarah do it. I’m strong so I could hold, but a lot of times when you’re in this holding, you’re holding tight, whichever way you holding, and the guy starts prying. You can feel you can hold and you’ll feel like you’re, he’s going to break it anytime soon, but you’re stuck.

But it’s a different feeling. When I had Sarah did to me, I could hold, but I could feel the… I knew eventually she’s going to break it soon. Yeah. So here, in here, elbows against and make sure don’t have just against like this, yeah? Everything against. That’s a hold it, hold it, and then you just come back. It hurts like shit, yeah? If he’s strong… Let’s try that, two, three. Don’t do that here.

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