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Entering The World Of MMA: Tips For The Beginner

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If you want to learn mixed martial arts, but you have little or no experience with any type of martial art, joining an MMA gym in San Diego might make you nervous. Beginners often think they shouldn’t join an MMA gym until they are already in great shape and are experienced with at least one martial art. This is definitely not the case, as an MMA gym can be the perfect place to learn a wide variety of skills as well as the essential piece of the puzzle, which is learning how to mix up these skills and fight successfully.

If you want to become a successful MMA fighter or just proficient in MMA skills, you will have to take a variety of skills classes. You also need to take classes in conditioning and strength training. If you’ve never done any type of training, you might start out by opting for San Diego Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes and perhaps boxing classes, as these are two skill sets that can be very valuable to possess. Learning how to choke or lock an opponent and throw a good punch definitely can be a huge asset. From there, try out Judo classes in San Diego and Muay Thai to provide you with a full arsenal of weapons for the ring. A good MMA gym will have a flat rate for unlimited classes, which is just another reason why it’s better to head to an MMA gym rather than a facility that teaches just one martial art.

You don’t need a ton of gear when you are just starting out, but a jock strap and cup are certainly essential and it wouldn’t hurt to invest in a mouth piece. You don’t necessarily need any special clothing, although a rash guard is generally a good idea as it prevents chafing and mat burns. Generally, you can borrow gear from the gym, but eventually, as your skills progress, you will want to buy some more gear, such as boxing gloves, MMA gloves and possibly some shin guards.

When researching MMA gyms look for gyms with highly qualified instructors and ask about taking a free class. Good MMA gyms will give you one free training pass, so that you can look around, take a class and see if this looks like a good fit for your needs. Make note of how instructors interact with students. Obviously MMA athletes are tough, but if you are beginner, you want instructors that push you and still have some level of patience with your lack of skills.

An MMA gym, however, isn’t a glossy fitness club with a juice bar and shiny electronic exercise machines. It is a facility filled with men and women who are serious about their mixed marital arts training. If you want to get into shape, a fitness center is probably a better fit for you. MMA is more than a way to get fit, it’s truly a way to live and these athletes are serious about health, fitness and learning enough to become a successful fighter. Martial arts are all about discipline, control and finding that inner strength, and that’s what you should get from an MMA gym.

Beginners are welcome to sign up at The Arena, and the instructors are specialists in helping beginning athletes move from the early stages and prepare them for actual sparring and fighting. Whether your goal is to simply get into the best physical condition possible or you want to consider taking part in amateur or pro fights, The Arena can prepare you. The instructors only ask that all of the members work at a high level and keep up with the training. This means not only are you expected to improve your physical condition, you also need to hone fight skills, and the instructors at this San Diego MMA gym can help.

If you are looking to improve your MMA skills, we invite you to visit us. The Arena is the leading Gym in North America for Combat Sports and Martial Arts instruction. We are considered one of the best Muay Thai gyms in San Diego, as well as having the top Judo and boxing classes available. Sign up for your free membership trial today!

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