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Excellent Coaches Fine Tuning Their Combat Athletes

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There are levels to Combat Sports. Lots of “coaches” can make you tired, have you blast pads, and tell you you’re doing great. At the Arena our staff of coaches are professional coaches who are students of the game with DECADES of experience at all levels of the sport. They can not only teach fundamentals but they can see what is best for each person individually and actually employ strategy based off the fighters natural abilities, body type, opponents etc. There’s a difference in what we do and it has been proven in hundreds of competitions for over a decade.


Coach Joe Vargas:
A hook needs to be wide because you’re inside. You’re going to create that power right here. That one. I’ll have my hand up. Right? One, two, and then from here, this hand has to come behind my gloves. Boom. So this one has to be wide and turn your hip on it.


So, here, push me off a little bit. Push me off. So, you open me up, right? I’m open right there. Look at those ribs. Boom, reload, boom, and look how far your head is for me. So, once you’re that far from me, I’m coming wide.

Coach Vince Salvador:
And so a little more advanced movement for you guys off the shoulder feint. One, two, right? Same shoulder feint. Now, look. Here. Now he thinks everything’s down the middle because I threw the one-two, right? So block down the middle. Block down the middle. Look. Now I go, one, shoulder feint. I’ll come around. Watch my foot. Watch my foot again. Two, shoulder feint. Get it. Watch your shoulder. And I’m already set up for the kick.

Coach Basheer Abdullah:
You’re giving your opponent the space to throw the long shots. Almost like what Stephan was doing today. He was jabbing down, throwing across, and he popping out against a guy with long hands and he was catching him every time. So I say, “Sit in the pocket. Just throw your hands up and smother the shot.”

Okay? So he started doing this, boom. Like this versus popping out. Okay? Creating the space for the long, cross along jab.

Coach Charles Martinez:
So, he’ll bring his knee up and either drive his toes in or, if you give him more space, he’ll chamber his leg out. So it’s just the angle of his knee that he’s using because he can bring his knee up and then turn it, and he does it all the time. So, it’s just a lot of knee positioning.

Yeah. And then chamber it, yeah. So a lot of that is just decided by how much space you give. So, sometimes you’ll see he’ll slide from this leg and sidekick, and that’s because there was more space.

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