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Filipino Martial Arts Coach Charles Martinez

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Realistic self-defense training requires more than learning situational techniques. In this video, Arena Filipino Martial Arts Coach Charles Martinez teaches fundamental concepts when defending a knife attack.


Coach Charles Martinez:
So anywhere it hits along this line, it’s going to hurt. If I start trying to grab and wrap my hand, I’m either going to cut my hand or I’m going to drag the knife into my body, right? So I use my forearm. See how it’s pinning to your body as I’m rotating, right? That’s way different then trapping and grabbing with my hand. It’s like the fastest person in the world could do that.

Right now we make it look slick, right? He’s going high and low, but even an untrained person who’s made a firm commitment to stab, right? When I redirect the strike, it’s going to continue forward, right? So if I don’t move that, so it’s not tricky. It’s just if I put enough intention behind the strike, now I fall into the strike. It’s like when I throw a right hand, the person slips and your foot falls in the bucket, right? It’s the same idea.

Take this angle, feed it. Override, move your foot, reset your foot, boom. And then go right back to this angle again. Right? Because there’s no reason to rush. Yes. Right? So you’re dropping the knife. Yep. Move your right leg out of the way. You’re stepping outside on the left foot. Exactly, right? Then once you have that, fine. Start here, switch your feet. Backhand. same thing. Move your foot on the other side, right? Rather than trying to get both, just isolate one side, do it perfect. Then you can pick up speed.

The thumb is always going to be the weakest point. Re-grab right? So basically salute up towards the thumb. All right? And then re-grab. So if I go the other direction, I make his grip tighter. That’s why I move my body and I use my hips. Exactly. Yeah. Because if you’re strong, you’re not just going to muscle it this way. But if I move my entire body I’ve circled away from the grip. All right? So if you’re going towards the thumb, easy, just salute up and grab. You’re going the other way move your entire body. Yep.

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