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Great Gifts For People Who Love MMA

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If your significant other, friend or family member loves everything about MMA, from watching fights live or on TV to actually training in MMA, then this should make it easier for you to select holiday gifts. After all, an MMA-themed gift is sure to make your loved one happy and you should always give people a gift that is suited to their interests.

Many MMA fans also belong to MMA gyms or perhaps train at a boxing club or perhaps take Jiu-Jitsu classes or some other type of marital art. For these people, give the gift of some high-quality gear. You could fill a sturdy gym bag with a rash guard, fight shorts and a towel. You also could opt for bag gloves, sparring gloves or fight gloves, depending on what your person needs. If you aren’t sure, you could give them a gift card to a quality sporting goods store.

For many MMA fans, watching fights is not enough, so it might be nice to give your loved one a subscription to a fight magazine and there are many options. Ultimate MMA, MMA Sports Magazine and Fight Magazine are just three choices crammed with information about athletes, fights and even tips for training. Several MMA magazines also have digital versions as well as print. There are plenty of great books to consider, from books about training to biographies. Your recipient probably would enjoy a book by or about MMA greats such as Randy Couture or perhaps a book about the famous Gracie Family or even a book by Bruce Lee.

Of course, if you can’t watch a fight on TV, you can always watch a movie about martial arts or mixed martial arts. For big MMA fans, perhaps the best movie choice would be “Warrior.” This movie, which stars Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte, offers plenty of good fight scenes, but is also a great movie overall and on many MMA fans’ Top Ten list. A few other choices include Jean-Claude Van Damme’s classic “Bloodsport,” and “Fight Club” is another good option that has long been popular. Bruce Lee’s pivotal “Enter the Dragon,” is always a favorite and Bruce Lee also starred as Kato on TV’s “The Green Hornet,” during the mid 1960s. This series can be purchased and would be a great gift for someone who loves martial arts and comics.

If you are searching for a gift suitable for a kid who enjoys the world of MMA, consider purchasing a giant wall decal of their favorite UFC fighter. There are life-size decals of Jose Aldo, Jon Jones, Wanderlei Silva, Anderson Silva, Rampage Jackson and many more fighters. There are even UFC action figures featuring some of the world’s best known MMA greats, including BJ Penn, Georges St. Pierre and quite a few more.

Tickets to a fight are another good gift idea. UFC, King of the Cage and Bellator host fights throughout the year at many venues around the United States. If you can’t score a ticket to one of these events, there are many smaller local fight organizations that are fun to attend where you can watch some great up-and-coming fighters duel in the cage. If your friend or spouse is a fan of a particular type of marital art, such as Judo or Muay Thai, consider purchasing a ticket to an event specific to that art. Virtually every mid-size to large city offers a variety of fight event options for you to consider.


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