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How to Throw an Effective Elbow in Muay Thai and MMA

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The Arena MMA Coach Charles Martinez breaks down some proper mechanics to use when throwing an elbow in Muay Thai or MMA.


Coach Charles Martinez:
Hey, what’s up, it’s Coach Chuck. We’re working on some simple punch to elbow mechanics. Right?

So starting from my good fighting stance, my lead hand goes out. My chin’s protected. On the retraction of my lead hand, my rear elbow shoots forward, knuckles go to the by-chest. Point of my elbow comes forward. Other hand comes back to my face. My weight resets. Right? So I touch with the jab. My shoulders are protected. My hip is rotated. Right?

As I go to throw the cross. It’s the retraction of my job. My foot steps, my rear foot steps, lands rotated, knuckles going against my chest. Other hand comes in the middle of my head, right foot is rotated, right hip is rotated. Weight dropped straight back down. So now off the jab cross. I throw the jab, I throw the cross. Same thing here, the retraction of the way. Knuckles of my left hand drive to my chest, horizontal elbow, right hand comes back to my face. Fighting stance resets.

First one, jab, step forward, knuckles of my rear hand to my chest, point of my elbow forward, hand comes up, not obstructing my eyes, so I can still see through this space. Jab, cross, same idea. Step, step, point of my elbow comes forward. Hands come up, knuckles go to my chest. I can still see. Last one from the cross, hook. Same idea. My weight shifts back to the lead side, rear hand knuckles rotate, drive the point of my elbow forward, body rotates, weight sets back. Just a nice way to include elbows and the stepping range to be able to get into elbow range from punch distance.

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