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MMA Footwork Drill to Close the Distance in a Fight

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Striking Coach Charles Martinez shows a simple drill you can do at home to practice your footwork and how to use punches to close the distance with your opponent and how to safely back out of range. This can be used in Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA.


Coach Charles Martinez:
Hey guys, this is Coach Chuck from The Arena. During this difficult time, we’re forced to be closed. We want to provide you with some content, simple drills you can do at home to still work on your technique. All right, so here’s a really simple drill you can do in your living room with anything as a focal point, boxing glove, shoe, anything that you can use just to give you a point of reference. In this drill, this point of reference is your opponent. So a lot of times people ask. If you have a good base and a good fighting stance, knowing what range you’re in as you advance towards your opponent really should tell you your weapons that you can use and what weapons they can use against you.

So we’re going to use this central focus point out here. I can be a little bit more relaxed. My hands can be a little bit wider. My fighting stance is good. I’m faking, I’m faking. I’m shifting my weight. As I advance, I don’t advance with my head sitting in the middle and trudge my way in here with my head sitting in the middle of my hands still up. All right, nice and easy from out here. I have a little bit of space because my opponent is technically out of range. I know they need to cover distance to get to me so I can let my hands be slightly looser here and shift my weight. As I advance, my head is moving. My fighting stance sinks a little bit, my hands come in a little closer. And then I leave again. Out here I have a little space to play with. As I advance, my hands come in tighter.

I set my weight. When I’m in here, everything is tight, and I clear again. That’s kind of the first layer, just using the footwork for in and out. Then as I cover distance, I start to use punches to punch my way in. I circle my way out. Out here, there’s even things that I can start to shield because in kick defense range because of my distance to the focal point. But as I come in, everything closing off. Small, tighter movements, and then clearing out and being loose and relaxed out here when I’m out of the danger zone.

Stay tuned, we’ll be providing content daily between all the different martial arts. We’ll try and give you different things to work on at home. Also, we’re diligently working on an online training program for the, which is coming soon, and it’s going to provide lots of information for beginners intermediate advance. Thank you for your continued support and we hope to see you soon.

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