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MMA Legend Enson Inoue Teaches His Favorite Way to Mount His Opponent

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While teaching one of his seminars here at The Arena, Pride Fight Veteran and MMA Legend Enson Inoue shows his favorite and most effective way to mount his opponent. This technique can also be used in Jiu Jitsu or Submission Grappling.


Enson Inoue:
So I’m here and I sit for the mount. One big point I like to emphasize is you always want something connected to the hips. If it’s your hand, if your hands going to leave, I like my knee there. From here, when I like to mount, is I don’t like to commit my whole body weight. A lot of you guys might know this, but when you spar, you’re still probably doing this type of mount. So, what I mean by that is, when my knee will hit the mat first before my feet. You see how my whole body is committed to it? So what I like to emphasize is, here, when I’m going to mount, it’s just my feet.

I’m real tight, but what I want to imagine is a cockroach. And if you don’t like killing cockroaches then you imagine your ex-girlfriend or your ex-wife. So you just want to give it a little. So you want to do it as possible to the hips if you want to control the hips. So what I like to do is, I like to come here, even if I don’t slap, I hook here.

So right here, my only movement is my leg. And if he were bridged and go back and try to turn it backwards, I can easily base. If I’m here, and my whole body weight is on him, and he bridges, he’s got the momentum of my whole body weight going back. So it’s hard for me to maintain position.

So what I want you guys to do, this basic here. You come here, you’ve got to know your plan. For me, if Baret lifts, and he’s defending, he lifts up here, I know I’m not flexible enough to get that. But I know if I can get it about here, I can probably clear. So you’ve got to know your own plan, and all you need was a split second because the foot is so fast. Okay, so get a partner and let’s just try doing this, okay? Ready, one, two, three.

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