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Pride Fight Veteran Enson Inoue Gives Tips on Finishing an Armbar

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During his seminar here at The Arena, Pride Veteran and MMA Legend Enson Inoue shows some pointers he uses to finish an armbar while his opponent is defending by grabbing his own arm.


Enson Inoue:
But I found this one real effective. If he locks in, I grab into my thigh. Yeah? From here, with this hand, I’m going to just arch his hand this way. Yeah?

And I was actually showed to, we were doing armbar escapes. And you know when people do armbars, you’re waiting for that little bit of looseness where you can turn to the side and suck that elbow in. Yeah?

So Baret would turn to the side and suck his elbow into the ground. Boom. Yeah. And you lose the armbar, yeah? So when we were doing that, all the different techniques, there was a split second that you could actually turn over and suck that arm in.

Even if I’m doing this. Because look how, I’m not even holding onto this as tightly. There’s no tightness in this because I’m reaching over here. So if you were to explode and suck in at that time, I lose the arm.

Even if I’m doing this and I’m doing this kind of stuff. Yeah. See now he can just release and turn to his side, almost like he’s shrimping. And he can get out and suck this elbow down. Yeah?

But, when this guy did this to me, fuck, I swear I must’ve done it like 20 times. And I couldn’t get out. So I stay tight. I use leverage right here. So if Baret holds it tight, and then I’m here, and I’m going to just come here. And I’m not pulling back. I’m going to go like that.

Yeah? There’s no time that you can suck your elbow in. I’ve tried it like 20 times and I couldn’t. Here, come here, and I want to just torque. See that? And once it comes to that point, I’m going to just come and grab. Okay?

Yeah. One, two, three. Real small points, but really important.

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