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The Arena MMA Coach Training his Fighters

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Coach Vince Salvador has been training fighters for over a decade, and here he is teaching some of the pro fighters on The Arena MMA Fight Team. Check it out and learn a few details yourself.


Coach Vince Salvador:
So when I hit him and he comes forward, easy for me to find my hands because I already knew where they were. And it’s easier and faster to shoot a right hand from here than it is from here. Because now I got to lift it back up to go straight.

Yeah. So when you come forward, if I can see the inside of your ear, I know I have a good angle. So I’m always looking for that. Instead of looking at everything else because if you come forward and I’m only here, I don’t have a good angle. You can hit me too. But if you come forward and I’m at a better angle than you, you can’t hit me. I have a good line for my shots. So you try looking to his ear.

If I can get to this, that’s optimal for me right here. Anything you want to throw from there. So don’t just buy time and try to get to here to try to counter now. Get to where you need to be exactly. So when he does go that hook, it’s short or too long.

Yeah. Now you keep him in here. That’s important for you. Especially you be fighting guys like this. You got to be able to keep him with what you got in that little range. Because that’s all you got. He can play a little further out, but you got to get in there. So use your speed.

And time now. Of all that to throw in a combination from that angle. So everything we’re doing is in an angle. So I hit him and he comes forward instead of just throwing that one shot, I’m going to throw two shots. Maybe add a kick. It’s up to you. Whatever you prefer to do. Some guys don’t like to kick. Some guys just want to use their hands, but throw something other than one now. All right, let’s go.

And this is something that you guys both do already a lot, and I don’t even know if you guys noticed you do it a lot.

I don’t notice.

Coach Vince Salvador:
I see you do it a lot from here when the guy comes forward. And your hand is already waiting for the right hand or the kick. It’s a good way to set up that rear kick too. As the guy comes forward, I can go here super easy and fast too.

Oh yeah.

Coach Vince Salvador:
Guys will walk right into that. Go forward. I need more space than that. Now when you’re stuck here, a lot of guys feel like I have a kick, so they’re either going to come forward or back up. If they back up and I’m south paw, it doesn’t matter. But if they come forward, I have something waiting. One left kid or whatever. Wider. So you’re leading him into a trap. But I want you to follow me. It’s a trap.

Here he comes forward. I’m right handed. Or he comes forward.

Let’s go.

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