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Coach James’ 7 AM Muay Thai Class

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7am Muay Thai Coach James Ewton explains the structure of the infamous 7am class. Organized learning for the whole week reinforces the topics being taught every day in various ways. Listen to Coach James explain then come in and train!


Coach James Ewton:
What’s going on? It’s Coach James. I teach the 7:00 Muay Thai class. Usually on Mondays, Wednesdays, we drill. Tuesdays and Thursdays, we’ll do pads. Then Fridays, we spar.

On the drilling days, we’ll go over a fundamental, generally a theme of some sort, and then we’ll build upon it and do layers, so that if you’re new, you’re going over that same basic repetitive motion over and over and over. If you’re more advanced, we can start adding on to that and adding more onto your arsenal.

On pad days, it’s kind of the same thing. If it’s a more advanced person, I’ll let them do their own thing or working on what we did on Monday and Wednesday. If you’re new, you need training wheels, I give them usually a combination to do, again, building off of something simple, making it more complex as we go along.

Then Friday, it’s a sparring day, so we’re trying to work the fundamentals that we have been working on all week. So it would be more like a performance review.

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