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How to Throw Elbows from a Muay Thai Clinch

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In this tip from Striking Coach Charles Martinez, he breaks down the clinch for Muay Thai and shows how to effectively throw elbows from it.


Coach Charles Martinez:
Hello, this is Coach Charles Martinez from The Arena. I’m going to be showing a way to throw a couple of tricky elbows from the clinch here. Have James Ewton here to help. All right, so starting in the clinch, right? Always looking to establish this inside position. Our eyes are up, our hips are in close, all right? So as we’re pummeling in through these positions, most people are looking for a collar tie. You can also hook here or use this inside bicep control, all right? So as James swims his hand to the inside, this hand establishes the collar tie. I swim my hand to the inside, he establishes the collar tie on this hand. He switches to bicep control on this near side. Now this controls my arm. Now it’s just an easy way for him here to release this elbow and shoot straight up as we’re in the pummel, right?

So we’re here, we’re swimming, I’m controlling, he’s controlling. He switches to the bicep. He’s holding the collar tie on the inside. Just shoots the elbow straight up from bicep control, right to the elbow. All right? Another option here, while we’re swimming, right? We’re trying to establish position. I’m looking bicep control as he traps my arm with his arm. All right? He pulls me towards him, and then that same elbow snaps off, right, from the over hook trap here. All right? First one, he establishes bicep control, snaps the up elbow. Second one, we’re swimming from position. He traps, over hooks the arm, pulls my body forward and throws the elbow from there. Easy. That’s your tip of the week.

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