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What Gear Do I Need for Muay Thai?

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For those that read our previous article titled “What is Muay Thai?” you may be curious about what gear you will need before starting. Here is everything you need in order to begin learning Muay Thai

16oz Gloves: 

Gloves are meant for protecting your hands and your partner. Check out the pro shop by the front desk to get a view of our glove selection. We offer some of the best gloves in the market for Muay Thai, or any other striking arts found at The Arena. Windy and Fairtex are both excellent options for Muay Thai gloves. 

Shin Guards: 

Shin Guards are meant to protect the wearer and partner from bone on bone contact during drills and sparring. In Muay Thai, a heavy emphasis on kicks means that fighters should invest in a quality pair of shin guards to protect themselves and their partners. The Arena sells a great pair of Combat Sports shin guards at the pro shop that work for all of our striking classes. 

Mouth Guard: 

Mouth Guards are essential for any sparring session. Shock Doctor makes an excellent boil-and-bite mouth Guard, which can be found in The Arena’s pro shop. If you would like to spend a little extra money on safeguarding your teeth, you can always opt for a custom mouth guard from your dentist’s office. 

Groin protection: 

In order to start sparring, you’re going to want a good groin protector. When selecting a cup, you want to make sure that your cup gives you freedom of movement while still offering complete protection from low blows.

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