Chris Leben Shows How to Pass the Guard Using a Toe Hold

In this Tip of the Week, UFC Veteran and MMA Coach Chris Leben shows a rolling toe hold that may get you the submission, but if not, gives you a second option to pass the guard.


Coach Chris Leben:
Hey, what’s up, I’m Chris Leben, this is Alex Trinidad, I’m one of the coaches, he’s one of our pro fighters here at The Arena, and this is your tip of the week.

Okay, so, go and guard.

Just a real easy way to possibly get a submission and also, if you don’t get the submission, you get a successful guard pass. So I’m here, just I’m going to pass, I’m going to reach little pinky to little toe, I’m going to roll. Now right here I’ve got my toe hold locked up, and I’m going to look for my tap.

One more time. Just going to use my rolling toe hold to get a submission or pass guard, whichever one works out.

I’m here, little pinky to little toe, I roll over my shoulder and stay curled and tight, I curl his toes into his butt, worst case scenario he defends by kicking that leg straight, and I sit up for my pass.

And that’s your tip of the week. 

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