Chris Leben Stability Ball Drills For MMA

The Arena MMA Coach Chris Leben teaches some simple MMA and Wrestling drills you can do at home with a stability ball to keep in shape during this lockdown. Check it out.


Coach Chris Leben:
What up, everybody, Chris Leben. And here’s a few drills you can do on your own just with the yoga ball. Working on your sprawl.

Work my shadow boxing on the ball, focusing on my balance. I’m trying to sit up high, forward on my knees so my core is activated and just throwing punches.

Here’s one for your clinch game, just driving it in, drive it into the wall. Switch your shoulders about midway, switch your feet, switch your shoulder, drive, switch, drive, switch, drive.

So here’s a good drill for top pressure. Just stand up, just working my circle, circling the ball, circling the ball, use your legs, circle, circle, switch your direction, circle. Pressure for your top game.

So there’s some simple workouts using yoga ball, no partner at home. Get through this.

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