Chris Leben’s Favorite MMA Beatdown Position

In this video, UFC Veteran and MMA Coach Chris Leben shows a brutal beatdown position he loves to use that leaves his opponent virtually defenseless. There’s a reason they call him The Crippler.


Coach Chris Leben:
What’s up? This is Gavin. I’m Chris Leben, one of the coaches here at The Arena, and here’s your tip of the week. Okay, so we’re going to look at a very simple beat down position. I take this guy down on the wall. Now his job, he wants to scoop, post his hands and come back up against the wall. All I’m going to do here is trap this hand and put my right hand in front of it. Now I’m going to run in front of his legs and drive my head against the cage. Now Gavin has no hands to defend himself and it’s an easy finish from here. Chris Leben, there’s your tip of the week.

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