Raquel Miller and Stephan Shaw train with Coach Basheer Abdullah

The Arena’s Raquel Miller and Stephan Shaw prepare for their upcoming fights under the tutelage of former Olympic Boxing Coach Basheer Abdullah.


Coach Basheer Abdullah:
We’re getting close to a final week of preparation. Next Wednesday, we’ll be heading to Dallas. This is a tuneup fight for hopefully her world title shot in April 13. So again, we just going to hit some mitts today, just stay sharp, continue to get sharp. And preparing ourself for February 28th fight.

Stephen is getting ready for his 11 professional fight. This will probably be his biggest challenge of his career. We’re excited about this opportunity, going to give him a chance to showcase that he’s a heavyweight contenders. The goals today, just continue to work on some tactical drills and be technically sound. The hard part of training is really over.

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